5 Tips For Organizing Your Wardrobe

If you're anything like me, your wardrobe is a hot mess. Clothes are crammed into every nook and cranny, and it's impossible to find anything when you're looking for it. Sound familiar? If so, read on for some tips on how to organize your wardrobe so you can actually find what you're looking for when you need it.

Tip #1: Get rid of anything you don't wear.
We all have those pieces that we hang onto "just in case." But if you haven't worn something in 6 months (or a year, let's be real), chances are you're never going to wear it. So get rid of it! Donate items that are in good condition, and throw away anything that's stained or torn beyond repair. This will immediately give you more space in your closet and make it easier to find the things you actually wear.

Tip #2: Group similar items together.
Once you've pared down your wardrobe to only the essentials, it's time to start grouping things together. Hang all of your tops together, put all of your pants in one area, and so on. This will make it much easier to get dressed in the morning because you won't have to search through your entire closet just to find a pair of jeans.

Tip #3: Invest in some storage solutions.
If your closet doesn't have built-in shelves or drawers, now is the time to invest in some storage solutions. Shelves are great for storing folded clothes or items that don't need to be hung up, while baskets or bins can be used to store things like scarves, belts, and hats. cube organizers are also a great way to maximize space and keep your closet organized. Just make sure whatever storage solutions you choose fit both your needs and the space available in your closet.

Tip #4: Color code your clothes.
If you want an extra level of organization (and let's face it, who doesn't?), color coding your clothes is the way to go. You can do this by hanging all of your clothes according to color order, or by grouping similar colors together on shelves or in bins. Not only will this make getting dressed a breeze, but it also looks pretty darn impressive when someone peeks into your closet!

Tip #5: Keep a laundry basket in your closet.
This tip is more about keeping your bedroom clean than it is about organizing your closet specifically, but it's still worth mentioning! Keeping a laundry basket in your closet makes it easy to quickly grab any clothes that need to be washed and put them straight into the laundry room. No more leaving dirty clothes strewn about your bedroom!

By following these five tips, you'll be well on your way to having an organized and efficient wardrobe. And trust me, once you see how much easier getting dressed becomes, you'll never go back to living with a chaotic closet again!

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